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11/10/08 01:43 PM #3    

Lambert Lee

Do you think we can have the Sunday family pot luck on the Burlingame High school grounds? And do you think the hall ways will be open to show our family the lockers etc...

11/10/08 07:01 PM #4    

Darce Catania (Cabral)

Thank you for starting this Eileen! It would be great to see everyone! Too funny we're all turning the BIG 40!

Darce :)

11/10/08 10:39 PM #5    

Eileen Hunt (McKeagney)

Lambert -- that is a great idea! I'd love to show my kids (and my non-American husband, come to think of it) our old stomping grounds! Let's see if it's possible....

11/13/08 11:16 AM #6    

Jon Mercado

Hey to everyone!
Does anyone have the school video? Can't seem to locate mine. Would like to see the intro again, can someone post on Youtube?

11/15/08 06:24 AM #7    

Lambert Lee


Are you and Joel ok with me putting our senior short movie up on youtube?

The Twilight Zone


11/18/08 12:39 PM #8    

Jon Mercado

Do it Lamb... Make sure you get me that link. I've got to show it to my daughter.

I'm surprised you still have it, I was hoping it got run over or burned. At least you have it for nostalgia. Immortalized forever on VHS tape.

Didn't we get an "A-" from Mr. Morgan...? hahaha ;)

11/19/08 01:07 AM #9    

Michele Rodman (Bilafer)

Eileen thanks for letting me know about the site, it is great to get back in touch with everyone. I am looking forward to the BASH and would love to help out in anyway.

11/19/08 03:11 PM #10    

Laura Hardy (Johnston)

I too would love to help in any way. I plan stuff like this for a living. Who knew we'd all be 40 one day?!

11/21/08 04:07 PM #11    

Leslie Duane (Gutman)

It would be great to go back to the bay area and see our old school grounds! My 11 year old would get a kick out of it. Please let me know how I can help (although I live in Phoenix!)

11/21/08 06:17 PM #12    

Gina Grado (Filter)

Is anyone going "Home for the Holidays?" I'm thinking a Happy Hour is in order right before Christmas! ~Gina

12/03/08 10:41 PM #13    


Dick (Rich) Vaplon

Hey Now! Thanks for the invite "Most Bashful" I can contact a few I still know that are around. As far as I can see a good crowd is starting to find the site.

12/04/08 10:31 AM #14    

Eileen Hunt (McKeagney)

We're getting there --

The committee is nailing sown the details. Definitive plans will be posted in the next few weeks. (Although with Christmas coming soon, it might be after the holidays.)

01/19/09 08:07 PM #15    

Gary Cunha

Great to see those of you who posted photos and updates. We have a wide range of careers. I saw at least 2 roller derby girls, 3 police officers, a golf pro, a personal trainer, and a baseball agent! All sound like exciting careers. Would like to see more "before" and "after" photos to see how much we have all changed. Couldn't believe the "guns" on Linda Tripp. I'm jealous!

01/20/09 02:27 AM #16    

Lambert Lee


The 2009 calendar is the same as 1987:

Calendar for year 1987 (United States)

Calendar for year 2009 (United States)

03/03/09 11:54 PM #17    

Matt Sosnick

Should we make an effort to actively reach out to those who haven't signed up?

04/04/09 10:20 AM #18    


Dick (Rich) Vaplon

Hey Matt- One thing everyone can do is sign up @ Facebook. That's how I found out about the reunion. I'm asking friends of friends if they know where some people from 87 are.

05/01/09 09:43 PM #19    


Dick (Rich) Vaplon

Can anyone confirm if Jeff Rooz, became Jeffery Ross?! Rumor I heard...

05/04/09 04:59 PM #20    

Laura Stagnaro (Armanino)

I don't think so Ross is 4 yers older than us....born in 1965...although it makes a great story!

05/07/09 05:27 AM #21    

Glen Bowman

Greetings from sunny Germany!

Yeah, I was looking at some of the then and now pix and I thought "we were so young then" and "dang, some of the people are old"...then I realized that I'm in the same boat! Expanding waistlines, receeding hairlines, wrinkles...but what the hell, we earned those, right?!

Good luck with the reunion. I won't be attending to conflicting schedules.

Glen Bowman

05/13/09 08:31 PM #22    


Dick (Rich) Vaplon

That's the thing Laura...If he didn't want anyone to know, he changes the year he was born...Hmmmmmm....That would be VERY Hollywood!

05/25/09 06:56 PM #23    

Laura Stagnaro (Armanino)

I like that! I say we go with it:)

05/01/17 01:20 AM #24    

Eileen Hunt (McKeagney)

Hey gang:  Who wants to help out with the 30th Reunion?  We need a Decorations Committee!

05/01/17 07:01 PM #25    

Matt Sosnick

Let me know what I can do.


05/01/17 08:07 PM #26    


Dick (Rich) Vaplon

30 yrs already? Christ. Can't h​elp much with decorations. Hey Matt. I see you have a few A's Players on your 'payroll' At least from what I remember...

05/11/17 11:44 AM #27    


Whitney Forrest (Welch)

Wow Ludie I am impressed with the 1st post!! I hope to see you at the reunion, it's been too long and we were so close then! I just bought my ticket so no turning back now! Good to see the posts too, keep them going!

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